Monday, October 1, 2012



Jamie Salloum - Vocals
Joshua Parrett - Guitar
Will Manchuk - Keys
Mitch Miller - Bass
Zack Yerxa - Drums

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


All of Jamie Salloum's performances in alphabetical order:


Winter Wail (Edmonton) - Nidus, Sonar, Audience Of One, Dayz Wage, HAND, Peachy Joes Ice Cream Surprise

Queen Alexandra (Edmonton) - Nidus


Wagner Night of Noise (Edmonton) - Nidus, Adhesive Fire, Special Guest, No Way Out, Carrion Honey, Axiom

Ban the Show (Edmonton) - Nidus, Axiom, Blameless

Higher Skies (Vermillion) - Awol, Blameless, Dayz Wage

Punk Rock Cafe (Edmonton) - Awol, Special Guest, 2 Days Apart, Blameless, Strength In Solitude

Tulliby Lake Hall (Tulliby Lake) - Awol, Sacredera


Mud Hut (Edmonton) - Awol, Blameless, Sacredera

Rage of Page (Edmonton) - Awol, MI5, Smoking Monkey, Lime, Paradigm Shift, LSD, Moshmellow

Cracker Feend Show (Edmonton) - Awol, Chick Maggot, Strength In Solitude, LSD, Sacredera, MI5, Blameless, Seven

House of Squeak (Edmonton) - Awol, Free Beer, Blameless

Amy's Basement (Edmonton) - Awol, Blameless, Strength In Solitude, Chick Maggot, Free Beer

Matt's Basement (Edmonton) - Awol, Chick Maggot

Hazeldean Hall (Edmonton) - Awol, Smoking Monkey, Paradigm Shift

Expose Yourself (Edmonton) - Awol, Woodabeen, Unit 46, Chonp, Elixir, No Regard, Small Potatoes

Dinwoodie Lounge (Edmonton) - Awol, Lime, 13th Floor, Carpet

Axe Music (Edmonton) - Awol

Bonnie Doon Hall (Edmonton) - Free Beer, Wednesday Night Heroes, Wrekdefy, Runic, The Money Shots, In Articulo Mortis

Fulton Hall (Edmonton) - Free Beer, Sith, Redeem, Death By Dawn, Runic, The Reason

Mud Hut (Edmonton) - Awol, Blameless, Jonny Retail

Mcnally BOB (Edmonton) - Awol, Broken Angel, Borx, Exit 303, Smoking Monkey, Sub-vert, Sweet Leaf, 427, The Committed Jock Straps, Paradigm Shift


Bonnie Doon Hall (Edmonton) - The Opposed, Runic, The Borderguards, Day After Tomorrow, Quarter Life Crisis, Redeem

Bonnie Doon Hall (Edmonton) - The Opposed, Wrekdefy, Wednesday Night Heroes, Death By Dawn, Runic, Down For The Count

Orange Hall (Edmonton) - The Opposed, Redeem, Sacredera, Runic, The Committed Jock Straps

Orange Hall (Edmonton) - The Opposed, Death By Dawn, Runic, Anti-Disism, Redeem, Ten Day Trip

Bonnie Doon Hall (Edmonton) - The Opposed, The Cleats, The Cursed, The Brewtals, Wrekdefy

It Does Fest (Edmonton) - Awol, Gi Jill, Timeless, Borx, Teri's Parasite, Paradigm Shift

House of Squeak (Edmonton) - Awol, Gi Jill, The Opposed, Blameless, Borx

Night of Noise (Edmonton) - Awol, Paradigm Shift, The Reason, Blameless, The Committed Jock Straps

Forest Heights Hall (Edmonton) - The Opposed, Riot Nrrds, Runic, Down For The Count, The Dirtbags, The Cursed, Anal Rockets

Eastwood Hall (Edmonton) - The Opposed, Affront, Generation Condemned, The Krooks, Full White Drag

Wainwright Festival (Wainwright) - Awol, Prism, Nazareth

Mcnally BOB (Edmonton) - Awol, Broken Angel, Sallys Crackers, Paradigm Shift, Exit 303


Spruce Ave Hall (Edmonton) - The Opposed, Blacklisted, The Transylvanians, The Dirtbags, Fetus Eating Assholes, The Franklins

Spruce Ave Hall (Edmonton) - The Opposed, The Transylvanians, The Open Wounds, The Franklins

Queen Alexandra Hall (Edmonton) - The Opposed, Small Fortune, The Brewkowskis, Metallica, Fractal Pattern

Rage of Page (Edmonton) - The Opposed

Camrose Hall (Camrose) - The Opposed, The Luddites


St Teresas (Edmonton) - The Opposed, The Morellos

Rendezvous Pub (Edmonton) - Awol, Rosetta Stone, Hidden


Shark Tank (Edmonton) - The Opposed

Reds (Edmonton) - The Casanova Playboys, At Arms Length

Cook County Saloon (Edmonton) - The Casanova Playboys

Elena's House (Edmonton) - The Casanova Playboys

A Channel (Edmonton) - The Casanova Playboys

Reds (Edmonton) - The Casanova Playboys, Stereotherapy, At Arms Length

Livewire (Edmonton) - The Casanova Playboys

Millwoods Stock (Edmonton) - The Casanova Playboys, Warriors, LSD

Reds (Edmonton) - The Casanova Playboys, Uncle Outrage, Lost Action Heroes, The Phi Effect, Portal, Chick Maggot, At Arms Length, Difinity, Sierra, Stereotherapy

Railway Club Shindig (Vancouver) - The Casanova Playboys, The Rub, Foster Kare

Media Club (Vancouver) - The Casanova Playboys, The No No Spots, Automatic Fancy, Channels 3X4


Colchester Hall (Edmonton) - The Casanova Playboys, Awol

Maple Ridge Fest (Maple Ridge) - The Casanova Playboys

Media Club (Vancouver) - The Casanova Playboys, Les Seantistes, Cody Westman, The Late BP Helium, 9 MM Love Songs, James Husband

Wunderbar (Edmonton) - The Casanova Playboys

The Fox (Edmonton) - The Casanova Playboys, 9 MM Love Songs, North Of Shorty

Athabasca Fest (Athabasca) - The Casanova Playboys

Vegreville Pub (Vegreville) - The Casanova Playboys

The Roxy (Vancouver) - The Casanova Playboys, Jeff Johnson

Media Club Summerfest (Vancouver) - The Casanova Playboys

The Underground (Calgary) - The Casanova Playboys

Buds (Saskatoon) - The Casanova Playboys

Savoy (Edmonton) - The Casanova Playboys, The Omega Theory

Urban Lounge (Edmonton) - The Casanova Playboys, The Omega Theory

RKM Music (Edmonton) - The Casanova Playboys

The Piccadilly (Vancouver) - The Casanova Playboys, My Fatal Pride, Marble Rye

New City (Edmonton) - The Casanova Playboys, Electric Six, The Rubber Maids

Starlite Room (Edmonton) - The Casanova Playboys, The Fabulous Bee Feeders, Red Ram

Cowboys (Edmonton) - The Casanova Playboys, Red Ram

New City (Edmonton) - The Casanova Playboys, Kelly and the Kelly Girls, Michelle Boudreau

Velvet Underground (Edmonton) - The Casanova Playboys, Oh Four What

Shaw Theatre (Edmonton) - The Casanova Playboys, Brandon Paris Band

Velvet Underground (Edmonton) - The Casanova Playboys, Cockatoo

Tequila (Calgary) - The Casanova Playboys, Down

The Stetson (Calgary) - The Casanova Playboys


The Sidetrack (Edmonton) - The Casanova Playboys, Tarada Hills

The Sidetrack (Edmonton) - The Casanova Playboys, Jimmy Swift Band

Bellerose (St Albert) - The Casanova Playboys, Radio For Help


The Dungeon (Edmonton) - Jamie Stars Storyland, Chimes, Cause Of Pain, Corrupted Fundamentals, Lucky And Stoned

The Distillery (Calgary) - Jamie Stars Storyland, Passing Clouds, Tired Skies

Railway Club (Vancouver) - Jamie Stars Storyland, Kicked Off The Farm, Passing Clouds

Not to mention all the Chick Maggot and Borx shows, performances at school, countless open stages, parties, millions of jams and recording sessions.

Monday, August 27, 2012


Jamie Star

For a band name like Awol, you would expect brains in a blender. The question is, what are you going to say, really? Soldier runs away. Can't find an escape. Alas, there is Jamie Star. The only one who can make the word national sound like a swear word. But let's start at the beginning.

In late 1997, fourteen year old Jamie Salloum eagerly desired to enter a province-wide battle of the bands. He recruited his younger brother Nathan and friend Zack Yerxa. The boys called the group Nidus and rehearsed the songs endlessly. With enough luck, they managed to receive the first place prize out of twenty aspiring bands, winning recording time at Powersound studios. Ironically, Nidus was the youngest act in the competition.

The champions recorded the winning single "Rotten" and the band was officially born with all rites of passage. In the next year and a half, the group formulated an intense metal sound and played show after show. By the summer of 1999, Nidus changed the name to Awol. Jamie was popular in the city music scene recording bands, putting on shows and other fun musical endeavours.

The first bootleg demo "Rednecks Have No Fun" was released in October 1999 at Punk Rock Cafe for $5 a copy. The show featured bands like local legends Special Guest and Strength in Solitude. At this time, Awol was asked to play more shows and grew popular in the underground music scene. Jamie acted crazy on stage, letting out unpredictable screams and sounds that showered you with laugh after laugh. The intense live shows and bursting energy created a buzz in the streets.

In March 2000, Awol flew to Vancouver to record the first self-titled album with Jonathan Fluevog at Vogville recording. The studio sessions challenged the youngsters but they prevailed on producing some great classics like "The Mainstream Sucks" "Uncle Sam" and "It Could Be Worse". High school continued on and Awol morphed into the halls handing out flyers to the shows. Postering and practicing, writing and recording. Some of the coolest local bands made way into Jamie's Basement.

The summer was ripe, exciting and full of shows. In September 2000, Awol recorded the first batch of songs to be sent to record producer Jonathan Fluevog. Awol spent many hours in the studio writing and producing different styles and genres. The goal was to make a mega commercial album that could not fail. By the end of the year, Awol won first place at the Mcnally Battle of the Bands. Mitch Miller had joined the group as the second guitar for a more heavier sound.

Jamie immersed himself even more in the scene and as a result, more opportunities came for the band. In May 2001, Mitch quit and was replaced by Adam Thompson. Awol continued to write and record, sending the music to Jonathan in the off time when there wasn't a gig. Jamie graduated high school and Awol played a few out of town gigs here and there.

Adam quit the band and moved on with his life. Jamie had to find a job and continue various projects on his own. Zack quit high school to work at a radio station. Nathan continued school and wrote his own material. The last batch cleverly titled "Um Ya" was recorded in 2002. Jamie recorded bands for money and played drums for Chick Maggot and The Opposed. He also produced his angst side project called The Footnotes.

After a failed relationship in early 2004, Jamie decided to reunite Awol once again. They played a reunion show and proceeded plans on recording "Ladies and Gentlemen" at Grandmother Sound. The band decided to change the name again to The Casanova Playboys. The young starlings flew to Vancouver and mixed "Ladies and Gentlemen" with Jonathan. The tracks were sent after to Colorado to be mastered by Dominick Maita at Airshow. The sound of the album exceeded all expectations from everybody and the skies looked very promising.

The Casanova Playboys had to think big from the start. Zack called his long time friend Williem Manchuk to play keyboards. There was an instant connection. Soon after, Cody Nouta responded to an ad to play lead guitar. The group started jamming regularily. Radio interviews, industry shows, fundraisers and media response followed. The Casanova Playboys moved to Vancouver in September 2004, except Nathan. Cody left after a couple days. The band was forced to replace the entire front line.

Jonathan hooked up a promising guitar player named Joshua Parrett. Jamie, Will and Zack lived in a shabby house in East Vancouver, jamming in the basement every night, recording at Vogville during the day and meeting industry contacts at the clubs. Played with The No No Spots at the Media Club and The Rub at the Railway. Things seemed to be going right for The Casanova Playboys, other than they were running out of money fast. Drum techs and assistants are expensive in the recording realm.

A proposed performance with the Scissor Sisters hung on the fridge. Zack left back to Edmonton to pursue a music director job. Jamie and Will moved back home leaving Josh behind. The band went on hiatus for a while but reunited on talks of recording a record. "Low Noise" was to be completed long distance fashion. Jamie Star flew back and forth week after week tracking vocals. The album was a work in progress and took considerable time to finish.

By the end of 2005, production was coming to a close and Fluevog mixed the album, sending the songs to Sterling Sound in New York City to be mastered by Ted Jensen. Finally, a rock solid album. The Casanova Playboys found the pot of gold waiting for them. In the spring of 2006, Josh moved to Edmonton and Mitch came back to play bass. The fivesome played constantly, performed constantly and promoted constantly.

Once again, the group was on fire playing every week all over Canada with bands like Electric Six, Jeff Johnson and Kelly and the Kelly girls. The Casanova Playboys were respectively named Band of the Month at the local rock station and other various pop stations around the country received the single "Burlesque". The audience loved the band's fresh live sound and the path seemed clear until the band collapsed on its own. Personal problems got in the way of the business.

The band released "Low Noise" at the CD release party in January 2007. Within a couple of weeks, the band broke up and shows were cancelled. More coming business, touring opportunities and distribution proposition was axed. Zack decided to move back to Vancouver and Josh followed him after. Jamie, Will and Mitch continued with their lives apart from eachother. Jamie spent all of his time in the studio recording electro pop music and growing without his band.

His music and soul all of the sudden was trapped in a memory. Nobody can say what it feels like to lose something so dear and precious until you lose yourself. From there, many voids need to be filled. With that said, Jamie started his new band called Jamie Stars Storyland and produced "Emergency" in 2007. He went back into the Hotel business, spending a couple years working with many different people in many different situations.

Soon enough, reality started drowning the young singer. In 2009, Jamie started promoting Casanova again. That led to more guitar playing and Jamie assembled an amazing catalogue of acoustic songs. 2011 brought Mitch Magic back again in town, forming a heavy trio with Cockatoo drummer Dave Rebus. Although it only lasted half a year, Jamie Stars Storyland released a great video of the tour. In 2012, Jamie released "B Sides", unreleased tunes from 2007.

Jamie Star, the musical prince of prose. Keep a look out. He may come to your town one day if somebody will get off their behind and actually fund amazing bands. That would be a great start. More to come!

Monday, June 4, 2012


I find it useful to state the obvious. What's to possibly add about Jamie Stars Storyland "B Sides", a new 2012 release, other than the songs do not match the "B sides" criteria. What we hear are deep, fresh sounds merging catchy melodies and shocking twists. Jamie Stars Storyland second disc titled "B Sides" conquers supreme in the amazing category. Although emancipated in June 2012, "B Sides" are "Emergency" leftovers from 2007 after Jamie's band The Casanova Playboys broke up. In a time of open wounds, Jamie Star produced thirty songs in the recording studio and the debut "Emergency" was born. Now to the truth. Ironically, the anticipated second album "B Sides" is only better. I guess it's good to save the best for last. Under promise and over deliver. "Echelons" stands proud as the album focal and "Be Good" buzzes raw feel good indie-rock meets space ship adventures. "Alone", a poignant ballad shines like castles in the air and "Loud Aquarium" is exciting, arena rock insanity. If you're up for surprises and love colorful, interesting music, Jamie Stars Storyland new album "B Sides" is for you.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


"Emergency" is pure happening musical genius encounters period. I may have had a little wine but the energy still miraculously coincides with the music, a major plus in the world of den listeners. Breathtaking vocals, distinct melodies, explosive sounds, unpredictable occurrences surrounds electro-pop group Jamie Stars Storyland first album "Emergency". I have been asking deep questions lately. I don't care if you're just coming off the boat, "Emergency" is a must hear! I'd plug it in right now and get your boost for the day. Jamie Stars Storyland "Emergency" recorded in 2007 is full of powerful emotions, incredible, romantic singing and hook after hook of electronic beats, buzzy synths and counter melodies. "When it's Over" is by far the best song on the record and "Scepter" comes close as far as presence. "Can You Relate Now?" invokes great energy and "Kaliedo" is exciting and fast rock n roll leaving you thirsty for more. "Juicer", a frantic rave thriller ripping your insides from the start takes you on a 'dance revolution' kind of good time, so don't lie to yourself. It may take a little time to settle after you hear this album. It will leave you with a burning desire to live life again or throw it all in the garbage. It is fully up to you so in closing, Jamie Star takes us on a journey via ambient, colorful keyboards, deep lyrics and screaming guitars.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Impressionistic, a futuristic sound that embodies melody and drive. Or maybe I'm not on the right mood at the moment. Still, this is an answer to those people who have lost the feeling of danger and darkness in electronic pop rock, because this band is truly beyond light. Far beyond. Call it Teen Wolf meets an old school basketball game for Sega if you will. Characteristic vocals are what it takes to make one stand out alone. You've got that going on. I like the electronic edge. Well done. I'm feeling a little Depeche Mode that's been taken out of the oven too soon. Great wall of synths. Reminds me of the 80's mixed with Transylvania. Almost like a vintage video game soundtrack.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Sheeeesh, think it been a while since I propped my story trilogy I wrote last year (2010).. Everybody has a story!


Read it here:

Monday, October 17, 2011


Still remember the silver boyhood fantasy days, impending green dreams with grey skies leading into the musical whirlwind?? Casanova Playboys Jamie Star and Mitch Magic are back at it again with Cockatoo's Dave Rebus! It just so happens that Jamie Stars Storyland first show at The Dungeon in Edmonton on September 23, 2011 made a surprising video debut flashing in bright, colorful lights with an image made of gold.

Jamie and Mitch look great up front donning heavy guitars and Dave's smashing drums makes the mouths of the people drool. With the opener "Just Because" being the highlight, Jamie Stars Storyland rocked through "Cowards", "Binoculars" and "Dreams", an old AWOL pearl. Heavy alternative-rock for sure and Jamie's momentary screams are haunting enough to create a real dungeon scenario.

On to Calgary the group went to play at The Distillery with Passing Clouds and Tired Skies. The vibe was grand, visually mesmerizing and the dark overtones of the venue never overshadowed Jamie Star's candescent stage aura. Didn't take us away from the beer-chugging good times rock!!

See Jamie Stars Storyland next on tour live in Vancouver, BC on October 23, 2011 as they take on the Railway Club with Kicked off the Farm and Passing Clouds. Tickets $8 at the door and show begins 8:30 PM.